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It is our great pleasue to announce that India Garden will be the proud caterer for the 2015 KHNA Convention to be held at Dallas, Texas on July 2-6th, 2015.

"KHNA conducts biennial conventions as a platform for Kerala Hindus to meet, discuss and understand the Hindu Dharma (necessity of righteous living) to achieve KHNA's mission and objectives.

After 7 successful conventions KHNA's eighth Biennial convention will be held during the dates of July 2 - 6, 2015.

KHNA General Body is pleased to announce that the 8th KHNA convention will be held at Dallas, TX under the leadership of the newly elected President, Sri. T. N. Nair (Dallas, TX). The current KHNA office bearers, Trustees, and Directors supporting President, Sri. T. N. Nair can be found under 'Current Governing Body'. This magnificent biennial convention celebrates our Hindu culture through a four day mind blowing retreat brought together by cultural programs, guest speeches, religious and spiritual speeches , ganamala, kathakali , classical musical competitions and a representation of our youth and family network. We welcome all of you to Dallas, TX to be part of the grand 8th KHNA convention in July 2- 6, 2015."

Come to India Garden and experience fine dining and authentic Indian food conveniently located nearby. Our chefs will dazzle you with wonderful flavors cultivated from the various cuisines across India. We offer a variety of dishes from tasty Tandoori Meats to Savory Curries; including low fat meals along with vegetarian delights.

India Garden Restaurant is proud to offer its culinary prowess for you and your future events.

Whether it is a marriage, anniversary, or graduation ; our trained personnels will ease all the organization hurdles from you mind so that you can concentrate on your guests. We will guarantee that the food is hot and delicious!

One of the major contributions of the Moghals was the  Tandoor, an earthen oven used to make rotis and   kebabs. Kebabs are pieces of meat marinated in spices     and yogurt which are slowly skewered in the coal     tandoor. The main advantage of the Tandoori method   of cooking is that all the natural flavors and juices are  sealed within while the fat is drained off; ultimately retaining the basic nutritional values of the food.